Thursday, September 25, 2008

sunup to sundown

This is what I planted back in May (Hopi Blue Corn):
And this is what I got:
Obviously there has been a cross with some kind of sweet corn. The kernels are soft and large, and there are new colors-- yellow, white, orange, that don't really belong in Hopi Blue Corn.
One of the most productive stalks made a patriotic show:
Here are the ears from the stunted stalks-- these look close to Hopi Blue, but they are of poor quality. I will still try to grind them into flour.
I put them in the greenhouse to dry (with a tarp over them):
The trees are starting to turn spectacular colors. The 3 sisters garden is beyond this field in the right part of the photo... just sad stalks now.
The sun rose.
The cover crops are greening the whole farm up.
Clover sprouting amidst the rye.
My amaranth is dry. I stomped it, shredded it, kneaded it, and then sifted it through a window screen.
I have grain now. Mixed with lots of flower "chaff"... I will winnow it sometime when it's windy. The seed looks about 50/50 black and golden.
Yum. Now I sleep.

Oh, did I mention that four of us harvested 300 turnips, 300 beets, 100 pounds of green beans, and loads and loads and loads of potatoes and tomatoes?
And after work, I harvested almost all of my dry beans-- Cherokee Trail of Tears mostly, but some scarlet runners & limas! I will dry these in the greenhouse now, and process them later.

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