Friday, August 21, 2009

August photos

Okay, this one's not from August:
It's hard to believe that just about 4 months ago the farm looked like this-- bare soil just plowed up, skeleton trees, no green anywhere. Here we are in April planting the first onions in the ground. And here is last week, in the lush pick-your-own flower garden:
And here we have our mature onions, cured in the greenhouse, now going into storage for distribution from now until November. They are huge and beautiful, many of them weighing over 1 pound each!
The farm is just swimming in green right now.The sweet corn is tall & majestic, and the fall plantings of greens, broccoli, turnips, radishes, and cabbages are filling out the rest of the empty fields.
The winter squash is a huge jungle, hiding it's fruits below in the shape of pumpkins, butternuts, delicatas, and hubbards!
The bees have been relishing the flowers.
This is definitely the year of the cabbage.
It seems like all I do these days is pick, pick, pick. 4 days a week from 8am-8pm just about. Leaving a few other days to get everything else done!
The melons are in! Yummy cantelopes and a few watermelons too.
My cousins came out from New Jersey & helped with the harvest too!
It's nice to do the washing part when it's really hot out-- you get to stand in the shade, and the water is very cool.
Sometimes everyone just wants to get their hands in the tub!
We've had a few deer break-ins (hoof prints in the soil) but not too much munching lately. The raccoons have found the sweet corn I think. But at least my neighbor Jack planted a few acres of soybeans nearby that distracts the herd of deer from our veggies! You might not see them in the photo, but there are about 12 deer grazing in his field:
Here's Luke in the Kale Forest:
Hot peppers, oh yeah, we have them. Hungarian hot wax is mild in comparison to the long green cayenne chiles. Beware!
Sweet peppers are starting to turn colors, finally, with the heat. Did you know green peppers are just young red peppers that haven't changed color yet?
Here's the planting of the fall broccoli & cauliflower:
And the sunflower harvest. What a joy it is picking them, even if they are huge, heavy, awkward, & spiny.
This work is great. I love being a farmer.

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