Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vegetable orchestra

Nice rain we got this morning! Fall is definitely in the air... my favorite time of year. We will see what's ripe in the melon patch tomorrow, so hopefully we'll have some more summery weather to enjoy watermelons and cantelopes for another week or two! Then on to the potatoes. Yum. What good food we get to eat. My favorite thing to do recently: make your own mayonnaise (see link below)! Then smear it on some fresh-baked local organic bread (Small World Bakery of course-- available at Brighton & South Wedge farmer's markets), put a few leaves of basil on there & a big slice of a super-ripe heirloom tomato. Easy snack, delicious & nutritious.

Then sit back to watch the amazing video of this Austrian band who uses instruments made entirely out of vegetables.

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