Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sun! Busy times!

The sun has emerged from the clouds, and it's kicking us into gear. While we still have to wait a few days until the fields are dry, we're busy getting lots of other projects done. We've started the mowing-- we mow around the fields to keep the meadow rodent population at bay (mostly voles, rabbits, groundhogs). And it does look really nice. Feel free to stop by the farm and take a walk around-- we've got lots planted and the place is starting to shine.
We did a bunch of tractor maintenance... and there's more to do this week. We want all our tools in the best working order, so we can get the job done efficiently when the ground is ready! Here is Tristan (an intern) greasing the bearings on our 1948 Farmall Cub.
We finally got our tractor shed up! It will park all 3 tractors, the lawn mower, the fertilizer spreader, and 2 pallets of organic fertilizer. Very exciting, as it will clear up room in our tool sheds and our intern kitchen!
Plants keep coming out of the greenhouse by the thousands, ready to go in the ground. We are gearing up for another round of broccoli, cabbage, bok choi, lettuce, and more.
The onions (now out of the greenhouse, but still waiting in their trays) are looking spectacular. Hopefully they will hang on for another 2 weeks so we can plow the field they'll be going into. The winter rye we are plowing under is over two feet tall now, and needs a bit of time to decompose before we plant the crop. But it will enrich the soil by composting in place. When I go out to the field to check the soil moisture, each shovel-full turned over produces a few HUGE earthworms-- they are doing their job of improving soil structure.

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