Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rethinking the american dream

A great short video!

New Dream Mini-Views: Visualizing a Plenitude Economy from Center for a New American Dream on Vimeo.

Things CSA members can do to further the "plenitude economy":

-Learn to can, or buy an extra freezer. Lots of farm 'seconds' go to waste - reclaim them for your winter meals, instead of supporting industrial farms, the packaging that goes into aluminum-canned or frozen food, and the long-distance shipping of fresh foods in the snowy season. Properly preserved farm food is more nutritious than most of these options anyway. And cheaper.

-Learn how to grow your own food! Even if you're not a green thumb, having some skills in basic food production could be handy someday. We welcome volunteers on the farm, and feel free to ask me any questions, I love sharing knowledge.

-Use the CSA community to your advantage! Find people in your neighborhood to carpool with, have canning and cooking parties with, and exchange recipe ideas.

-Get involved in town politics & help stand up for farmland protection in your community. Preserving the last remaining acres close to the city is important if we want to continue to have a convenient source of organic food, as well as the experience of participating in U-Pick crops & bringing the kids to a real farm. We need voices~ farmers are always time-crunched, so are not as able to represent themselves in town meetings.

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