Saturday, March 24, 2012

Greenhouse work begins

This summery weather has been nothing but GREAT for starting seeds and getting the farm up-and-running for the 2012 season. Usually I spend hundreds of dollars on propane to heat our greenhouse, and I haven't had to turn the heater on yet! Most seeds like it around 75 degrees during the day, and 55 degrees at night. This has been exactly the weather for the past 2 weeks! I just open all the doors and vents, and put a couple fans in there during the day, and I don't even need to close up at night. It is pretty toasty in there in the day, but I like to see it as a beneficial sauna-esque sweat when I'm working in there. I just make sure to drink lots of water.
The plants drink a lot too, we water them about twice a day. All the flower and herb seeds are very tiny, so they are started in these rows and then carefully transplanted out into larger-celled trays.
These gloves get to do some work again!

The farm is a bit chaotic right now, as everything was put away for the winter, and now things are being pulled out and re-organized. This old Ontario grain drill is a spring project, it's about 100 years old and I intend to fix it up and sow cover crops with it.
The garlic has grown about an inch a night for the past few weeks.
It's really beautiful. Soon we will lay irrigation tape on it and mulch it with straw.

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