Saturday, April 7, 2012

Joys of a farmer in the spring

My days have been long! I usually get up and out of the house, after stretching and eating a hearty breakfast, in time to see the sun rise. Sunglasses go on, and generally stay on until the sun dips below the trees again. I'm clocking about 9 or 10 hr days, with a few hours of office work in the evenings.
My TO-DO list gets longer every day. On a good day, I'll cross off a thing or two, but there's always about 5 or 6 new items added. I am spending a lot of time organizing the farm for the season, getting systems in place to make the operation go smoothly once the planting and harvest times hit!
Machines all must be tuned up -- greased, bolts tightened, rust polished off, new parts ordered.
Thousands of seeds must be planted in the greenhouse, all by hand! And then the task of keeping them watered, and nice and cozy at 55-75 degrees.I did get out to the woods to collect some delicious wild ramps!
I do enjoy foraging for the early spring greens. They are such a healthy tonic, and just what I need this time of year to fortify my blood and give me strength for all this hard work. Below, a nice hot bowl of dandelion greens soup! Did you know dandelion greens are better for you than even spinach, broccoli, or kale? They are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and are a great detox. And they grow everywhere for free! If anyone wants to come out and forage on the farm, at least you know ours are organic.
And stinging nettles! A nutritional workhorse.
Sometimes I look at these hardy spring foods and wonder why I put so much work into delicate vegetables like spinach! Maybe someday I will have a wild-foraged CSA, complete with all the foods that grow wild and don't need to be planted or tended by anyone. Venison would be on the menu for sure. But I'd still like to have tomatoes.


Anonymous Rex said...

The garlic mustard has been up for a while too. I wonder how many people it would take to eat a parcel of land free of this stuff?

Anonymous Rex said...

The garlic mustard has been up for awhile too. I wonder how many folks it would take to eat a parcel free of this stuff.