Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Harvest 2012!

 We started off the week weeding.... we've been blessed to have just enough rain that we don't need to be irrigating.  Above, baby cucumber plants!  Below:  weeding wild mustard flowers out of the onion field, a seemingly unending chore, but with lots of hands it is somewhat bearable!
 The farm is about to be taken over by swiss chard, I'm almost certain of it.
 Ramona the dog enjoys a stroll through the garlic field.  This is my favorite picture EVER, I think.
 The storm clouds have been amazing -- some storms bless us with rain, some pass us by with only a few distant thunders.  Any relief from the heat and humidity is welcome!
 I woke at 4:30am to get the first harvest started on Monday.
 The lettuce is looking great.
 And the bok choi is bountiful!  Hooray for the greens -- enjoy salads and stirfries this week!

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