Friday, October 19, 2012

October skies

My favorite month!  All harvest.  Reaping what we have sown.  Enjoying crisp cool days, watching yellow leaves fall gently in the breeze.  Cold fingers, warm faces.  Thinking of next year.  Preparing for the winter.  Celebrating the bounty.  Harvesting cold muddy roots from the ground.  Eating soup.

The cover crops are growing in, and the farm glows in shades of green, neat satisfying rows of rye.

We got our first hard frost.  That always makes the reality set in a bit more for me... the momentum of the season meets its inevitable end.  The crickets and frogs that serenaded us all summer are now quiet.  Everything leans towards a going-inside, resting, sleeping.

We put away the season's irrigation tape, the crops' life-giving veins of this long, hot summer.

Our walk-in cooler is full of bounty for the final few weeks of distribution.  The farmworkers have started calling it the "squeeze-in" instead of the walk-in.  We can't cram any more carrots or cabbage in there!  What a good problem to have, too much food.  What a great season it's been.
Last week I got to meet the presidential candidate for the Green Party, Jill Stein.  No endorsement here, I swear-- just wanted to brag about my brush with fame!  Yes, we are holding rainbow swiss chard and red russian kale from Mud Creek Farm.

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