Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring thaw

Well, things are certainly muddy out here!  My eagerness to get things started is dulled slightly by the squish - squish - squish that my boots make walking anywhere.

In the fallow fields, the green rye grass that I planted last fall has overwintered nicely, and under it the tiny clover seedlings are waiting for their chance to shine.  The rich sweet smell of the ground slowly awakening from its winter slumber permeates the air.  The sun warms the soil and the biological life underground comes out of its hibernation.  I swear I could hear the ice melting in the furrows yesterday as I stood, inches deep in sticky mud, letting the wonder of spring surround me.


I had to check on the garlic (below) -- and yes, it's popping up out of the ground, half an inch tall, tiny red-yellow shoots waiting for sunny days to turn that nice blue-green of garlic leaves.  

I guess underground colors are all warm: shades of brown (think carrots, beets, potatoes, dirt).  Then once the plants emerge into the world above they greet a world of blue sky and that life-giving chlorophyll starts working its magic, producing the wonderful green explosion of spring that makes all of our hearts sing for joy.

Long cold winter, move over.  Time for growing things.

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