Sunday, October 19, 2008

autumn and rockburgers

The shares are heavy again, not with watermelons & giant zucchini, but with winter squash,

celery root, carrots and parsnips. But we also have lots of light stuff too: we gave members a choice of 6 different greens (1 lb total)-- arugula, tat soi, spinach, broccoli raab, red mustard, and golden frill mustard. I'd have to say that spinach would have been my pick! But that golden frill is super spicy and a nice way to clear up any sinus congestion! Or add a spunk to your salad.
And we also gave kale & chard, and the last of the green beans. Maybe the last red peppers?
Sweet potatoes were a delicious addition, but we didn't grow that many of them. The problem with the harvest was that many of the tubers were huge (over 2 pounds easy), but many more of them were tiny. Even "piddly"... I'm not sure I'd grow them again, or if Farmer Dave will. I think this crop does better in the south with a longer growing season.
Distribution was busy-- it was chilly all morning too.
And I couldn't help but put more pictures up of my scarlet runner beans. I think I'll grow a bunch of these next year, maybe for members, maybe for an extra income source in the winter?
Unfortunately when you cook them they lose their violet glow. But they sure are delicious. Not many people get to taste fresh shelled beans... usually they eat them after they've been dried, cooked, and canned.
I drove out to Massachusetts for the last apprentice meeting yesterday. The trees through the Berkshires were just glowing.
Hillsides covered in patchwork quilts.
The apprentice meeting went really well, and we talked specifics about what everyone was going to do next year. Many people are going to intern another year, or move up to managing a farm. A few are going to start their own farms. We brainstormed ideas & shared stories... it's an exciting time. We went over specific rhetoric for lease agreements with landowners, and sample budgets for equipment costs. Then a terrific potluck supper with 3 kinds of steamy creamy soups-- butternut squash, beet, and potato. Add a cup of chai tea and I'm in heaven, sitting near the fireplace in a warm farmhouse.

Okay, now the funny story of the week. (You can tell we don't get off the farm very much.)
While Nick & I were digging potatoes one day, talking politics and making up songs, he found a rock that looked exactly like a hamburger bun. Split in 2 down the middle, rounded and perfect. We goofed around with it and then I found the patty not 5 more feet down the row! We had unearthed the Rockburger. We put lettuce and onions on it for showing off at distribution.
Wanna take a bite?

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Stephers said...

It's been fun to read your posts all summer long. I can tell that you really love what your doing, and that's a real blessing.