Monday, October 20, 2008

happy hour

This evening after work I ran down to my new greenhouse to check out what tools we'd need to disassemble it next weekend. Then I got back to the farm with enough daylight left to harvest the cilantro I had left in the field for the last month or so... coriander seeds now! I spread it out in the greenhouse to dry on the benches. I have no idea how I will separate seed from stalk efficiently, but we'll see what happens. As I covered up the fields for another hard frost, the sun sank down behind the trees. The clouds blushed pink across the brilliant sky, and the surrounding trees and barns became silhouettes.
I started thinking about what other people my age did in those hours after work and before dinner, young people in cities. Happy hour. How vastly different these joyful moments I find in the evenings are from sitting in some crowded bar filled with chattering and smells of cigarettes and cologne.
I wish for everyone in the world to experience the kind of happy hour that we get almost daily here on the farm-- the peace of hearing birds and critters settle in for a cold night, and having a hungry stomach from a long day of work in the bright, brisk, october air.

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Carol said...

Erin, I'm so going to miss your beautiful descriptions of the farm once your apprenticeship is over! I've so enjoyed your blog (as well as Nate's) - they both have enhanced the enjoyment I've gotten from the CSA this year! (And I'm with you - I'll take your kind of happy hour any day!)