Monday, November 3, 2008

nice things

Some photos of Nice Things on the farm.

Beautiful roosters that start crowing at 3:45 in the morning. This one looks like it probably is a "Phoenix" breed. I am giving him to a friend in Massachusetts who has lots of hens but wants a rooster to protect them from predators this winter.
A delicious PawPaw fruit from a friend's farm, sliced up for a snack at break.
Decorations leftover from the party in the greenhouse we threw for our beloved farm volunteers! Check out Nick's blog for beautiful pictures of the event. It rained really hard the whole night, but we put christmas lights in the greenhouse & turned on the propane heat so it was really cozy.
I'm going to make some wreaths for the holidays with this broom corn & juniper.
I used the party centerpieces to decorate the porch for my last week on the farm.
Just a few more days of living here, sadly. It has been a great place to call home for 7 months.

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