Monday, November 3, 2008

saying goodbye

We filled the city share boxes for the last time on a rainy cold day.
They were heavy with root vegetables & squash.
The chard looked amazing.
I love the dark burgundy variety.
The leafy greens go on top.
All the potatoes have to be weighed out and bagged.
We found this awesome florescent orange spider on the chard.
Seems like he picked up some color from the stalks of the chard!
The rutabagas were glowing & rosy next to the bright white turnip bunches at distribution.
I kind of like how the baskets look compared to our usual grey bins. The cayenne peppers were a hit I think. Pretty spicy seeds in there.
A contemplative morning on the farm... not too long now.


dahna said...

erin -- this is all so beautiful! what a precious time of year, this unveiling is . . . .
thank you for sharing these beauties!
love you.

karasone said...

Erin: its Kara.. I am so excited for you to have some land of your own. Next time I am home we have to get together so I can see it!!