Tuesday, January 13, 2009

in vogue!

Who knew CSA was so trendy?


Check out #8 there...


Dzeli said...

but you're not listed in the localharvest.org rochester csa list!

briaely said...
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briaely said...

Hi Erin,
My name is Bria Schurke and I am seriously considering the internship at Sister Hills Farm. Dave advised that I contact you through your blog..Which by the way, I have found very inspiring. Your writing and photography is beautiful! I was wondering if I could bug you with a few questions about the internship, your thoughts on the experience as well as insight to living on the farm and the surrounding area. My e-mail address is bria.schurke@gmail.com Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Hey Erin it's Liz from Citra! Holy moly I spoke with Craigy on the phone the other day and he said your CSA is blowing up!! That is so fabulous!! Perhaps you'd be down with coming to visit us in Syracuse some time and making a presentation to our group on your CSA - and we would love to come and visit and take a tour of your operation!! We have been developing an urban CSA program (ironically) and would love to share our business plan with you - maybe you'd have some good feedback for us! Check us out at www.alchemicalnursery.org - I'd love to be in touch but could not find a way to contact you on the blog other than leave a comment for you.

Much love (and reminiscing about those coconuts!)

Liz :)