Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Successful CSA Info Meeting!

The CSA is taking shape! We now have 15 members signed on!

What a wonderful turnout for the first official informational meeting. Thank you to all who came, and to my family for their help & support. We had about 60-70 people in that room.

Fliers & application forms were handed out at the beginning, & a slide show of farming photos played while people came in.

Then I played a funny video that was a take-off of Star Wars, using produce to act out the characters. A brief intro about "the organic rebellion"! And an icebreaker, of course. I was pretty nervous.

Then I launched into my 30-minute slide presentation, about the history of CSA, the farm, myself, and details on how Mud Creek Farm CSA will function. I am wearing my professional-looking jacket, but I also have my muck boots on :) Maybe people didn't notice.

Mom baked zucchini bread from some farm zucchini (from the freezer), and I brought some jars of pickles to share! This is all about food, anyway, isn't it?

The press came. In fact, 2 separate reporters from the same major Rochester paper-- one who is doing a video series, following me through the farm's first season, and another who runs the online environmental section of the paper-- "RocEarth".

I was surrounded by folks afterwards coming up to me with questions & praise.

How amazing it was to shake peoples hands, smile together with them, and know that I will be feeding them for a large part of the year-- and hear excitement bubbling in people's voices as they thank me for what I'm doing. I hope to meet their expectations!

I am really impressed by the support of this community, and looking forward to starting off the season with a collective sense of energy, determination, and eagerness for all things green and yummy.


Stephers said...

Congrats! I'm so glad you had a great turnout.

Rachel Lee said...

Glad to hear the turnout was good! I also didn't know about RocEarth, so that's good to know, too.

MichelleO said...

Hi Erin,
My husband and I are really looking forward to being a part of the CSA, and I can't wait to come to the farm and get my hands in the dirt (when it's warmer of course!) You did a great job last night.

Mary said...

We are so happy to be joining your CSA and can't wait to see what the season has in store! The kids requested that we eat Darth Tater and Chewbroccoli for supper tonight. Ben hopes that you pickle recipe is included when the cucumber crop comes in.

And yes, we did notice the muck boots. Wouldn't have trusted you so much without them. :)