Thursday, June 25, 2009

lettuce heads and cabbage heads

While you may have noticed that the heads of cabbage have been rolling in lately, you may also have noticed that our supply of lettuce seems to be dwindling. Do not despair-- there is more on it's way! The problem, though, is that small furry creatures that reside in our field do prefer the tender leaves of the lettuce plants. Over anything they could get in the wild, so it seems. Woodchucks, rabbits, and their young. And hopefully not deer, but the danger is looming of these munchers too. Every day I look for hoof prints. So far, the fence seems to be working.

But we will have slightly less lettuce in our shares for a while, until I figure out the best way to "deal" with the midnight munching problem. There are many holes inside the fence, leading to passageways that a small furry creature might possibly ignore any attempts at "fencing them out"... but we could try. I will probably start trapping them, although it kind of breaks my heart. I suppose it's all part of the food chain, and we, being traditionally "predators" and mostly omnivores, maybe have a duty to fulfill (rabbit stew anyone?). But sometimes I just want to eat salad. I guess we'll have to share this place...

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