Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Farm photos!

Things have been going so wonderfully at the farm. I thought I'd share some photos that have been taken recently out at Mud Creek.

Tat Soi in the morning light-- Bill came out at 6am to help us harvest!

Thursday morning harvest crew brings in the haul.

Aiden with a cabbage bigger than his head:

The shares were HUGE!

Beets are the latest crop to come out of the field.

We harvest even on gloomy, rainy, thunderstormy days.

Swiss Chard looks amazing, its bright colors shining in the field-- it is my favorite thing to harvest.

Chinese Cabbage is super sweet, delicious cooked or even raw.

A few of these weird asian greens have made themselves staple in our salads lately. The Tat Soi looked pretty luscious this week.

In order to give you super clean vegetables, we wash everything really well before boxing it up and storing it in the cooler at 40 degrees for the ultimate freshness. The extra time it takes us to dunk, sort, spray, scrub, and rinse, is worth it when you see the final product!

Turnips: Hakurei (or Tokyo) are the white ones; Scarlet Turnips are the red ones.

A new planting of tomatoes gets watered in with our drip irrigation line:

You know that summer is here when the zucchini start growing like mad.

Pick-your-own sugar snap peas are just about over, but boy has it been a bountiful harvest!

Hope you can make it out for one last picking before the season's over until next year!

Speaking of the season being over, we tilled in the Bok Choi bed, as well as the earliest spring greens. These cool-season plants will quickly make flowers instead of leaves when hot weather's here.

Sadly, the Kohlrabi is almost gone too. Who knew that such a crazy UFO-looking vegetable could be so sweet & crunchy?

Planting continues... we will keep planting for the next month or two, successions of squash, cucumbers, beans, herbs, beets, carrots, scallions, etc. If you want to be involved in any of this, please come out sometime! Evenings are a nice time to work, I am usually out there until around 8:30.

Thanks to farmer/neighbor Jack for fixing the old Farmall Cub so we could hill the potatoes & cultivate!

The grass keeps growing, so I keep mowing.

Everything has just exploded in green since all this rain.

U-Pick flowers are beginning! Hope you have your vases ready for a freshly-picked farm bouquet!

Enjoy the greens (and reds & purples & yellows & blues).


floridabamboo said...

Wow! What an unbelievable bounty of goodness. And less than a year ago that land was a pasture?!?!? Erin, if you should ever in the future have any moments of doubting your ability to pull off amazing things, I want you to look back at this post. Truly amazing. Congratulations, my farmer friend! -Craig

Colin said...

You did it!