Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Great Cabbage Cook-Off Contest!!!

Well, looks like mother nature may be holding back on the heaps of tomatoes we were expecting to harvest, but hey!-- the weather's great for cabbages!

So when life gives you cabbages...

Get ready for the Great Cabbage Cook-Off Contest!

Here's your chance to prove just how creative of a cook you are-- can you transform the most humble of vegetables into an exciting savory dish?
Take home up to 4 cabbages this week at distribution, and next week bring back your favorite cabbage dish for all CSA members to taste and vote on the most delicious recipe! The winner will receive a gift basket of goodies, and fame & glory.

Rules of the game:

- All entries must be at the farm by the beginning of distribution (4pm Sunday July 19th or 5pm Thursday July 23rd).
- Bring a serving large enough for about 35 people to sample, with serving utensil.
- We will provide sampling cups & silverware.
- Include a copy of the recipe, with title of the dish only (don't put your name on it).
- Electricity will be provided if you have something to keep the food warmed in.
- Voting will be by ballot, and tallied at the end of distribution.
- We will hold onto your dish for a week if you want to leave it, just tape your name on the back.

Recipes from the winning CSA members will be shared with all!

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pd73 said...

Very exciting, I know just the thing!