Monday, November 23, 2009

Photos from the last few weeks of harvest...

Gathering the last leaves of swiss chard...
Farmer workshop about winter root vegetables, at Bejo Seeds in Geneva:
Mowing the field across the street, front loader held high out of the way of the 9 foot tall weeds:
Final broccoli harvest... going to market:
Oats & peas are our winter cover crop for the spring fields... these will be killed by a hard frost & provide a mulch to prevent soil erosion. Then we will till under & plant our spring greens here!
Driving Princess Rose III to Jack's barn, 3 miles down the road. He will do repairs on it this winter.
Luke and a whole bunch of muddy parsnips!
A broom that someone made out of our broom corn:
Lisa picking "dino" kale:
Angie & I picking kale on a glorious fall day.
A glowing distribution scene:

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