Thursday, April 1, 2010

April First Photos...

The greenhouse is my morning & evening chore, every day the sun comes out-- I have to open up the doors & vents, check the trays of plants to see if they need watering, and then close up at night before it gets cold.
It's a satisfying thing to see the tiny seedlings hold themselves proudly up, just a week ago they were still seeds. Now they're on a journey...
We put buckets of water in the sun to soak up the day's heat-- at night they radiate out that heat to warm the plants, so we need to use our propane heater less.
Celeriac seedlings... these little ones have almost the longest lifespan on the farm-- we won't pull them out of the field until October! And they are one of the first to get seeded in the greenhouse.
The cotyledons (first 2 seed leaves) of the brassica family always look like little butterflies to me. Brassicas include cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, bok choi, and many others.
These are the artichokes, already they have several "true leaves"... they are in fact thistles, so they kind of grow like weeds.
Yum, Red Russian kale!
Onions growing inches every day!
Colorful Swiss Chard:
Here's the greenhouse with the curtain down for the night-- we heat only 1/3 of the space right now. Soon though, we'll be moving the curtain to include more tables!
I've been doing lots of organizing of tools & supplies-- here's some of our hoes:
The walk-in cooler not only has a new shed around it (with a used billboard for a tarp on top), but now has the potential for hanging tools off it.
The fields still have stalks from last fall-- I left sunflower stalks for a windbreak & bird perch... soon though, I will till them under & plant a spring cover crop on this ground.
The garlic has come up really well! (Weeds too!)
I covered it up when it got down to 17 degrees... but now it should be in the clear.
It's refreshing to see dew in the morning instead of frost.
Lots of projects...
The spring peepers are making noise in the pond up front. The blackbirds are squawking, the hawks are circling, the bees are exploring, the whole world seems to be awakening.


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Yaaay, erin! It all looks so wonderful. Trash cans are another option for "quick 'n dirty" water thermal storage -- 30 gallons per can.