Saturday, June 5, 2010

Upcoming Food Preservation Workshop: get ready for abundance!

* What Can I Do with All These Tomatoes (or peppers or strawberries or ... )?

Food Preservation Workshop, Tuesday June 29th, 6pm - 9pm @ Artisan Church*
Cost $12.00

Judy Price, Cornell Cooperative Extension Food Preservation Expert,
will introduce you to preservation techniques to help you have the highest
quality, safest and most nutritious preserved food!

You will:

- Learn about how the science of food preservation works to keep food from
spoiling or becoming dangerous.
- See the different types of canning, freezing, drying equipment and how to best
use them with your produce.
- Receive preservation resources & links to additional food preservation
- Have a chance to ask questions that you've always had about food preservation.

* Register Online Here:
(Registration Deadline is June 22nd & Seating is limited)

Invite a Friend!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


Del Ippolito

* Artisan Church
1235 S. Clinton Ave
Rochester, NY 14620

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saxifrage said...

Oh, thank you for posting about this! I registered... sounds fun!