Saturday, February 11, 2012

Go see some free movies in Brighton!

They all look really interesting... I will be on the panel for the documentary on young farmers "The Greenhorns" on March 21st! Check 'em out:


10 regional organizations are sponsoring a series on LOCALIZATION: ECONOMY, FOOD AND ENERGY" at the Brighton Town Hall Lower Auditorium, 2300 Elmwood Ave., in Rochester beginning Wednesday, February 22. Co-sponsors will have information tables at 6:30 pm followed by programs starting promptly at 7 pm.

The February 22 movie, the "Economics of Happiness", features voices from 6 continents including Vandana Shiva, David Korten, and Bill McKibben among others. It describes a world moving in two opposite directions: government and big business promoting globalization and consolidation of corporate power, while communities are coming together to resist and build human scale, ecological economies based on "Localization".

The February 29 program, "Local Lessons from Distant Travels: CSA as Rural Economic Development in China and Taiwan" will feature Elizabeth Henderson, organic farmer and a leading spokesperson for sustainable agriculture, sharing stories and photos of her recent trip to Asia.

March 21, "Greenhorns", a documentary film, explores the lives of America's young farming community - spirit, practices and needs - building a case for those considering a career in agriculture. This movie, as the others, will be followed by a panel. Two young women farmers will participate in this discussion.

April 18 will feature "Empowered", a regionally produced film exploring how innovative Tompkins County citizens are exploring renewable energy options in solar, wind, geothermal and veggie oil. This documentary shows how a community is banding together to work for energy independence. Film producer, Suanne McMannis, who with her husband has lived off the grid for 10 years will participate in the panel following the film. She says "If my neighbor knew he could put up solar panels and make money, he would probably do that instead of signing a lease for drilling oil".

The program is free of charge. Donations are welcomed.

Co-sponsoring groups include: Abundance Cooperative Market,Center for Sustainable Living, Color Brighton Green, Federation of Monroe County Environmentalists, Finger Lakes Bioneers, Genesee Valley Community Supported Agriculture, Living in Harmony, Rochester AreaVegetarian Society, Seeking Common Ground, Sierra Club Rochester Regional Group.

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