Wednesday, April 9, 2008

field summary

Right now all the fields are pretty bare. They are either in Rye & Vetch cover crop, some Clover, some bare fallow, and a few rows of garlic that was planted last fall.

Just thought I'd let you know what veggies we're intending to grow where... we've done lots of planning work & I need to organize all these fields in my head!

There are 3 main pieces of land that we farm--

  • 2.2 acres close to the barn (A,B,C,D,E,F,SU,SL)

  • 1.5 acres in a plot adjacent (Y,Z)

  • 2.1 acres in the far fields (W1,W2,W3)

Field A will be winter squash & the seed will go into the ground in June.

Field B will be mostly melons, a few cukes & summer squash, also going in early June.

Field C will be split in half: one part left fallow & one part in late fall greens (September).

Field D will be a big mix of carrots, lettuce, beets, beans, & herbs-- planted mostly in July.

Field E will also be a mix, with the 5 rows of garlic left in place, and planted in June.

Field F has never been worked; it is turf. We will open it & plant cukes & squash in July!

Field SU (solar upper) will be peppers & eggplants planted in late May.

Field SL (solar lower) will be mostly peas (planted now!) and some tomatoes in May.

Field Y will be a mix of tomatoes, spinach, herbs, beans, sweet potatoes, planted in May & June.

Field Z will be mostly potatoes planted May 1st, and fall broccoli planted in July.

Field W1 will be be April greens & broccoli!

Field W2 will be mostly left fallow, with 10 rows of onions & leeks.

Field W3 will be completely fallowed.

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