Tuesday, April 22, 2008

machinery for efficiency

Today we put the new transplanter together. Once we get this thing rolling, it will help us plant a lot faster & keep our backs from hurting. But it sure is a lot of work to assemble, and the instruction manual was so vague! Here's a synopsis of the day:

Meanwhile, the chickens were up to no good as usual:

Nice place for a little nap, eh? Help! How do I get down?

Okay, I put her up there for the last picture.

I got in a little bit of tractor work myself, plowing up 8 rows of field W2. The plow is really fun to use. You start with a field of thick grass & you end up with lines of hills 2' wide. It basically flips the sod (rye grass) over on top of itself so it will rot there & die. Then you go over it with the disc or rototiller & make it all nice & ready for your plants!

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