Sunday, April 13, 2008

a sunday walk

The sun is trying to come out through the rainclouds & I took the chance to document spring in the fields & forest!

Garlic mustard is popping up everywhere! It is a strong-flavored edible green. Check out for recipes for Garlic Mustard Pizza & Garlic Mustard Pesto. I have good memories of a grilled cheese sandwich with garlic mustard leaves.lichens & mosses grow on old stone walls:wild blackberry brambles:wild onions/chives: the pussy willows are blooming in the swamp! (and the skunk cabbage is coming out too)there are tadpoles hatching in there! red-twig dogwood here, too:

I think this shrub is Euonymous elata, or "Burning Bush":
Hemlock trees line the driveway. You can identify them by the two white strips under each needle. The leaves make a yummy tea that tastes like christmas & has lots of vitamin C.

This huge old tree is decomposing into soil! This material is close in nature to peat moss-- you could make a nice potting soil mix with this, instead of importing huge plastic bales of spaghnum from the bog-farms in Canada. It holds water well. I'll have to try mixing up some of this sometime with compost & sand.
The chicken gang on the prowl for earthworms!

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