Wednesday, April 16, 2008

throwing poop

Okay, all I did today was spread compost. For real.
About 50 yards of it. I pretty much covered Fields B-D. When you yank open the back of the manure-spreader in the field, you get a pile at the very beginning, before you start down the row, shooting compost everywhere. So these piles must be raked-out by hand. Lots of work. But it was a magnificently sunny day, and the work felt good. This is what I made of these 3 huge piles in front of the barn:

Dave made this peg-board to pop plants ready to transplant out of the 128 trays:

We are now wheeling out the tables of "ready" plants to "harden off" outside for a few days before we plant them in the field.
I went to a really good restaurant with my parents: called Luna 61 in Tivoli. They are completely organic & vegetarian. A little expensive, but really quality food.

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