Wednesday, July 30, 2008

evening walk around the farm...

There's only one table of seedlings in the greenhouse these days, and we don't even close the doors at night now. The fans are kept on for the drying onions.
The tomatoes I staked up last night:
The first Purple Yard-Long Beans!!! Only 6 inches now... but they do grow fast! I wish the vines would catch up, they seem a lot slower than the other bean vines I planted at the same time.
These big heirloom tomatoes are all going to ripen at the same time I predict. Oh yes, bring on the gazpacho.
We have more eggplants than we know what to do with. Farmer Dave says that he's never seen an eggplant harvest like this before.
And the peppers are turning red:
The sunflowers...

This is a cotton plant (another of my wacky experiments)-- actually a variety that produces colored cotton! Check out these cool flower bracts... within it the cotton-ball will grow. I think it's so cool that you can grow your t-shirt. Well, there is some processing that has to happen I guess.

These beans have to be picked in the morning. Sometimes it feels like we are slaves to our crops... definitely things like beans, zucchini, and okra, which grow too big to be edible after 3 days.
The second batch of basil is looking beautiful. Good thing, because the first batch is tall & flowering and devoured by japanese beetles. We'll till that one under soon, now that the new field is ready to harvest.
And the winter squash field:
A baby butternut squash, hiding in the deep shade of those leaves... a visual reminder that winter is coming. When we harvest these guys, there will be an autumn crispness in the air, and they will provide needed nourishment for those months without tomatoes!

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