Friday, July 18, 2008

a full cooler

We started harvesting again today at 5:30am. The morning was dark and humid & it was hard to get out of bed. But better to work now though, when it's relatively comfortable outside, than to work in the afternoon swelter. We would harvest for 8 hours, then I could take a cold shower & my beloved after-work siesta!

Lettuce first, since it wilts easiest in the sun. Then beets, since the greens also wilt quickly. Then swiss chard, and lo and behold , 4 volunteers showed up to help us! We were able to pick the entire 400 foot long bed of beans, then harvest & wash up scallions together. Nick went to the onion field to pull up 100 huge onions, and the rest of us picked peppers & eggplants. Sweat was streaming down our faces. We have some dedicated volunteers! There's no way we could have picked so much just by ourselves. The cooler is full to the top:

Of course with all the lettuce in the field and this hot weather, we're getting some varieties that decide to "bolt" (start flowering & turn bitter). It's sad to watch this food that we so carefully planted by seed in the greenhouse, then transplanted on our knees into the field, go to waste. But at least there are some farm members who still enjoy bitter lettuce:
"Thanks, Erin!"
You spoiled things :)

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