Thursday, July 17, 2008

the first...

This morning we started at 5:30am so we could get our work done before the heat of the day. Out in the onion field, moving irrigation pipes, we decided the large areas of fallow ground that Nick just plowed up should be worked some more-- not with the rototiller this time, but with the Disk Harrow. This heavy piece of equipment drags over the ground, pulverizing the clumps of sod left from plowing. The first set of discs throws soil out & the second throws it back. It was my first time disking! Feels sort of like a christening...
We moved irrigation pipe all day, turning on different fields every few hours. The melon field here was decorated with "flash tape" to scare birds away. We had noticed a few melons that had been pecked out by curious crows, but this tape claims to alert their danger-instinct, looking kind of like fire, I guess.
We staked & trellised the last 2 rows of tomatoes-- 800 feet of tomatoes! The straw mulch is doing a good job keeping the moisture in the soil.
The beans are growing fast... on tomorrow's harvest list.
And after work, I took a stroll down to the Sun Gold cherry tomato row, and lo and behold:
Oh, yes. They are here.

And Nick finally got a car (that runs):She's a beauty, ain't she? A generous loan from a CSA member! (Thanks Catherine!)

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