Monday, July 28, 2008

onion harvest!

It was time for the first batch of onions (the ones we will dry for storage) to come out of the field!
We drove the tractor right down the row with a big wooden bin on the fork-lift, so we could easily remove all those onions without a lot of backache. The technique was simple: bend down & pull up as many onions as you can fit in both hands, then stack them in the bin in a somewhat orderly fashion. We had several volunteers helping us!
The bins are nearly overflowing! Check out the field behind it--- all those white flowers are a buckwheat cover crop in bloom (where the spring greens used to be). We need to till it in soon, because it will soon be making seeds.
Nancy pulling up beautiful red onions:
A group photo:
Farmer Dave taking the bins up to the greenhouse where we will lay out the onions on tables to dry. More pictures of this to come!
Before we started the process of drying the onions, which makes them have a much longer storage life, we had been giving fresh onions to our CSA members. These are super delicious & sweet, but do not keep very long, since we peel back those dry husks. But aren't they beautiful?
Equally as beautiful I think are the purple cabbages. I am going to make some bright pink sauerkraut tonight.
And the garlic, all peeled & trimmed:
Lettuce continues to roll in:
Some amazing root vegetables:
And of course the bounty of summer-- peppers, eggplants, beans, and squash-- all of which don't seem to know when enough is enough! There is so much to pick! Help!

Oh, and the latest invention by Farmer Dave: the portable knife block. There is a slot for each of our harvest knives, small and large, with magnets built into the wood so that they don't fall out. It fits comfortably over your shoulder,
and also can be attached to the side of the van or harvest-cart with it's built-in magnets!

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Suzanne said...

Beautiful pictures. Great educational commentary. And I too love the purple!