Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3 sisters garden update

Well, all this rain and heat have created an amazing jungle, with tons of plants over 10 feet tall in the 3 Sisters Garden. Besides the sunflowers (the Mammoth variety is taller than anything in the garden yet, and the flowers haven't even opened yet), we have Broom Corn & multicolor Amaranth (look for the reds, purples, and golds in the backdrop of these photos). These are three "additional" sisters... the real stars of the show are the corn, beans, and squash of course!

Here's a pumpkin ripening:
The drooping head of an amaranth stalk, loaded with red flowers that will turn into tiny black seeds-- an edible, nutritious grain:
And the purple yard-long bean vines that are finally climbing up the branches of the "gazebo" that Nick built in the middle of the garden:
There are tons of ears on the corn, and they're getting larger by the day. This is not sweet corn, but a Blue Hopi corn-flour variety that we will have to wait until it dries on the stalk. I peeked in on one:
A mystery is that half of the corn only grew about 4 feet tall, while the rest grew about 7 feet. The shorter stalks also seem to have more of this rust-like disease:
There are always surprises when you do experiments like this... I love it!

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