Tuesday, August 5, 2008

600 eggplants... and that's just for tuesday!

For today's eggplant harvest, we brought a giant bin to the edge of the field with the forks on the tractor, and had one person standing at it, catching, as we all picked and tossed. A great sport, eggplant tossing. These plants are out of control though...
Dave says this is probably the best eggplant harvest he's ever seen.
Sometimes the eggplants get these little "noses" for some reason that make for some humorous moments in the field...
We sure have a lot of eggplants. I love eggplant.
Hopefully our members love it just as much... we're giving out 5 each on tuesday!
Oh yeah, and there's all that other stuff we have to harvest as well... here's us washing beets:
Some cherry tomatoes we picked for tuesday... not too many on the vines still, but we were able to give a few out at least:
And swiss chard looking beautiful as ever:
Oh, and have I raved about purple cauliflower yet? I only grew about 15 plants, just as a personal experiment, but I think I'll grow a lot more next year... they are a color you just don't find enough of in your food. And the best thing is, they get even more purple as you cook them! Really good with a creamy cheesy sauce. Mmmm...

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