Sunday, August 3, 2008

weeding and wining

With all the harvesting we're doing lately, we barely have enough time to squeeze planting into the week, let alone weeding.

So we decided to throw an evening "weeding party" for members... basically invite anyone out who wants to lend a hand (during the cooler hours of the evening), and then afterwards we provide wine and snacks & have a chance to socialize. It was pretty successful-- we weeded the entire pepper field & tomato field!

Wine was provided by Millbrook Winery, a local vineyard, and I made a sunflower-seed-dill dip for slices of peppers, carrots, and fennel. And of course there was melon too. A good time was had by all!

We plan to have more of these "weeding & wining" events-- next week will be an onion clean-up party. I really like the idea of combining a little bit of evening work with a little bit of evening fun, and it's nice to get to know our members more.

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