Thursday, August 7, 2008

belated summer picnic photos

We all had a blast at the summer picnic. CSA members came with dishes to share-- there were a bunch of cabbage salads & eggplant concoctions (you can guess what vegetables people have a lot of)! Farmer Dave put on his stilts and juggled cabbages while I played the accordion. In this humorous picture he's posing with the farm director, Sister Mary Ann:

We had a tug-of-war which was "farmers vs. everybody else"... they put up a tough fight, but you can guess who won. (We apparently cheated because our hands are calloused)
I got to drive the tractor for the hayride around the farm! That was really fun.
We set the tent up next to the flower garden, which was in full bloom. There was a lot of watermelon seed-spitting.
And some evening serenading...
...and dancing!
And I almost forgot, the bouncy-house. Fun for kids as well as adults :) Boy, were we sore the next day though. Good times.

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