Wednesday, August 27, 2008

full shares & fall greens

We packed CSA boxes today and could barely fit everything in.
After placing 4 pounds of tomatoes on top of onions, squash, peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, beans, and eggplant,
We still had to fit leeks, garlic, arugula, lettuce, & scallions in somehow!
Yes, I said arugula! We're starting to harvest our fall greens already-- the same mix as the spring: arugula, tat soi, red mustard, golden frill mustard, salad mix, as well as radishes & turnips! Well, those aren't all ready yet. And they need a lot of weeding, since we direct-seeded all of them. So we've been cultivating with the tractor, the wheel-hoe, and on our hands & knees.
The painstaking work is flicking out the teeny tiny weeds that grow up in between the spinach seedlings. Can you spot the weeds in this picture? They're there. And if we don't get them now, they will be a lot bigger problem in a week or two.
The sun beats down on us. But it has been a cool morning, so it feels good. I like this kind of work. You get to be in your head a lot, or make idle talk with your neighbor. Nick & I talk about our respective futures-- next year we are both looking forward to starting farms of our own.
My fingers brush against the dry crust of the earth & uncover the moisture just slightly underneath, almost instinctually dislodging anything not spinach. It brings a sense of order to my mind, knowing I got every single weed in the row, and now the crop has room to breathe, grow, and ripen. Of course I will never get every weed--- some cultivation situations are not so satisfying. And they just keep on coming up. But I don't think about all that when I'm on my hands & knees weeding spinach. I just embrace the groundedness, and get lost in the repetition of hopefulness.

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Stephers said...

Hi Erin, this is Steph from Fairport... I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog! I can tell how much you really love what you are doing. And of course the veggies look amazingly tantalizing!