Sunday, August 3, 2008

potatoes and tomatillos

Most of the potato field has died. But not to fear! The top of the plant dies, because it has finished it's life cycle (ok, sped up by leafhoppers) -- but lots of plump starchy tubers lie under the ground waiting for us to harvest them. Some rows are still alive-- the Adirondack Blue & Reds. And of course there are lots of weeds still alive. So Saturday morning we took the chisel plow (one shovel unattached) down the rows, straddling the potato hills, to loosen up all those huge weeds before they have a chance to go to seed. After that, we took the regular potato-hiller (on the Cub tractor) down the rows, scraping away all that was left of weeds, without exposing any potatos yet! Now we have bought ourselves some time, so we can harvest at our leisure-- those tubers can stay in the ground for a while. So many other things to harvest!

This is the row I planted with different varieties for the Cornell trial. You can see how some varieties have totally kicked it, and some varieties are still green & growing (that lush one is "Prince Harry" which has tiny hairs on its leaves which make it resistant to pests):
And I couldn't resist digging up a few for dinner:
And looks like tomatillos will be ready soon, as well as more & more tomatoes:
Bring on the salsa!

And our sweet potatoes are slowly spreading out their vines:
Beautiful plants.

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