Wednesday, May 28, 2008

first distribution!

Today we harvested everything else we needed for our first distribution of veggies to CSA members.  We base the contents of the shares mainly on what is ready in the fields at the time... so this time it was:  1 head of lettuce, 1/2lb spinach, 3/4lb arugula, 3/4lb salad mix, 1 bunch radishes or turnips, 1/4lb tat soi or red mustard.  I can hear the crunching of a hundred mouthfuls of salad!  There's a lot more greens in the field ready to be harvested, so the next few weeks should be plentiful in that arena--- including beautiful chard, kale, and chinese cabbage.
After harvesting all morning, washing off the heads of lettuce & bunches of radishes & turnips, weighing each box & putting them in the cooler during lunch, then loading them up into the van, Nick & I drove down to the Bronx to drop off our bounty.  It was great to meet some of the people receiving our produce, and to see the smiles of folks who've waited a long time for this farm freshness.  It felt like a great start to an abundant summer!

Upon returning, we arrived just in time to meet the last members who were picking up their shares at the farm.  We then put the leftovers back in the cooler, the signs & tables away, swept up & celebrated!  

The sheep are pretty happy with their salad too.

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