Friday, May 30, 2008

harvesting before the heat

We started harvesting today at 5:30 am.  Picked spinach first, our fingers numb with the cold wet dew.  Submerging it in the wash bin was the coldest part, but the sun rose over the trees and started warming things up quickly.

We cut arugula then, and heads of lettuce.  We pulled radishes & turnips, bunched them with twist-ties, and washed them off with the hose-sprayer.   We cut tat soi as well, as it was starting to flower with all the heat & would soon be unharvestable.  But this morning it was delicious! 

We were lucky to have 3 volunteers come out to help us harvest.  The sun was scorching down on us by 10:30am, and the turnip greens were starting to wilt.  Hopefully tomorrow we'll get some rain, as everything could use a big drink, even with all the irrigating we've been doing. 

 The forecast called for "likely light rain showers, scattered thunderstorms"... for the next few days.  Seems like a pattern might be happening here, more "storms" and less real precipitation actually falling on the ground.  Global warming scares me.  I think it means as farmers we need to focus more on water-saving techniques, crops that are drought-resistant and tough, and diversifying our crops so that if some varieties are overcome with pests or disease due to unstable weather patterns, we will still have some crops that succeed.  

This evening Nick & I started planting our "Three Sisters"garden!  He chisel-plowed to loosen up the soil, then rototilled one more time to break up the big chunks of sod.  It looked pretty plantable, and besides lots of rocks, the tilth is beautiful!  We layed out the path the will go through it, which we plan to line with arches of branches & grow beans & gourds up it.  And we started planting the Hopi Blue Corn, the first "sister".  We mixed in a few handfuls of homemade compost underneath each corn "mound".  The mounds are not really hills, but we plant to hill up the soil as the corn grows a little bit.  Each mound has 2-3 corn plants in it.  We really hope the groundhogs & rabbits don't happen to see these succulent little seedlings we've set out!

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