Monday, May 26, 2008

photos from last week...

Last week we visited Markristo Farm-- here some pictures from it! They grow a lot of lettuce on black plastic for weed control. They have this huge greens washer where the lettuce rolls through, and falls into these bins, where they are then dried in a spinning drier, and then bagged & boxed, and sent off to restaurants.
There was some spinach there that had overwintered without any frost-cloth at all on it. They were harvesting it for super-early greens, at a premium price because not much else is growing in early spring.   The farmer said it was probably global warming that allowed the spinach to survive the winter-- ah, the permanent season extension.

Here we are back at our farm, pulling off the Reemay from some rows to harvest and weed.

We had quite a bit of help weeding!  It has been wonderful weather.
And the first harvest-- arugula & radishes!
Dew on broccoli leaves in the morning... and the first few fernlike leaves of carrots!

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