Sunday, May 18, 2008

a fool-hardy thing

"It's a fool-hardy thing to plant seeds in the rain."  -Farmer Dave

Yet we try it anyway.  My friend Lizzy was visiting for the weekend, and so we planted beans in the rain.  She likes that kind of thing.  Of course, these were special beans that we grew
 together in California last year.  It was kind of frustrating to worry about not getting the rest of the seeds wet... so I ran into the henhouse where it was dry & sorted out my seeds & labels there!

Lower Solar Field, Last Row (100 feet):

Purple Chinese Long Beans (40 feet, spaced 4" apart)
Scarlet Runner Beans (20 feet, spaced 6" apart)
    1. F.B. Farm/ SF saved
   2. 'Painted Lady'
   3. Dwarf Runner Beans, OAEC
'Cherokee Trail of Tears' Black Beans (40 feet, spaced 4" apart)
Speckled Lima Beans, Java Jive Farm

We also made tons of KimChi with loads of greens & radishes!  Yummy.
Check out this amazing harvest of radishes, pulled from the first few rows we planted back in early April!  So tender & delicious.  We also harvested wild onions from the edge of the woods.
Making lacto-fermented foods like sauerkraut or kimchi involves chopping everything up really fine...Adding salt, and then pounding away at it until the juices are drawn out of the plant cells by the salt & the crushing.Then you pack it into jars (not tightly sealed) and put it away in the pantry for a few weeks.  The friendly bacteria (like Lactobacillus, etc. also in yogurt) start munching away, and keep out any bad bacteria.  
Now, an outing to the Main St. Pub in Philmont, where farmers get half price (on food, not beer) on Sunday nights!   They have organic beer on tap.  Yum.

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