Tuesday, May 6, 2008

photos from the past few days...

We transplanted onions last week! The two of us back here (Nick is driving) took charge of filling the three plant-dropping stations. Onions plant easy in this thing.

Look at these straight rows! The bed on the right was done the day after a short rain, so the ground compacted a little. Dave said it would be okay though.

I mowed field B & half of field Y with this thing.

The plants under the Remay are doing really well! Check out these peeks:

We were planting a bed of cabbage & I decided it was time to put my soil-block-experiment plants in the ground. (They are on the right in this photo)

They are harder to handle, seem more fragile. But lots of organic growers swear by them, apparently. We planted purple cabbage & purple cauliflower!

On Saturday morning we took a tour of Hawthorne Valley Farm
(http://hawthornevalleyfarm.org/) ... incidently they were just featured in Time Magazine.They are a Biodynamic dairy farm. This big copper tub is where they make some kinds of cheese:We got to explore the cheese cave, and taste some too! We also learned about how they make sauerkraut & other lactofermented products.

They have happy pigs-- they are fed on the whey left over from cheesemaking (curds & whey, remember?). And they spend their lives outside, rooting away like pigs love to do. The farmer there said that they basically till the soil for them, allowing them afterwards to plant a new pasture for the cows.They have them contained with this 2-strand electric wire. This is not how most pigs in the U.S. spend their days-- they are lucky oinkers indeed.And I almost forgot-- found a garter snake under some of that plastic mulch I yanked up on future-field F.
And I couldn't resist another cute bunny picture.

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