Thursday, May 8, 2008

Field F Groundbreaking! and more of nick's excellent photos...

Mama hen exploring with her chicks:
Sheep grazing another lush paddock:
Marking the flower beds on the Cub tractor: First plow pass through field B:
The barn swallows that live on the fences:Me leading the sheep into the barn for the night:
Field F progression-- burning the wood piles: Plowing up the sod:

Look at that instant field! Drilling post holes with the auger:Setting in posts (locust) & leveling:
Pounding in around the posts:
First post in the ground for the new fence on F! Rototilling F: The first cross-bar on the fencing complete! Building fences is really hard work, but hopefully they will last for a while. And prevent those pesky deer from eating our zucchini.

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