Friday, May 9, 2008

rainy day fun

What to do on a rainy day?  Can't really work in the fields.... we looked at our to-do list.

Nick & I cleaned the chicken coop all morning.  Scraped, shoveled, and scrubbed.  Now it shines, sparkles, & glimmers.  Well, almost.  At least there's bright new wood shavings.  

Mama hen settled back into her corner tonight with the growing chicks, we shifted the night roosting habits of the red hens to a perch next to the black hens, and there's a new broody hen sitting on fertile eggs now!  The next mama hen.  I put a dozen under her on monday, so there will hopefully be some new peeping arrivals come Memorial Day.  I'm not sure what breeds they are, but half of the eggs are blue-- that means Araucanas!  

Oh yes, and as the little chicks are growing they are differentiating themselves... 5 have bright yellow legs, but one has little feathers growing all down it's legs & toes.   There are a few breeds it could be... Brahmas are an old breed from India, Cochins come in all sorts of colors, and a lot of Bantams (a miniature-sized chicken) have feathered feet.  We'll see!

This afternoon we worked on the fence.  In the rain!  But we got 3 of 7 wires strung up along all our new posts, enough to provide somewhat of a barrier to the wandering herds of deer.

A good long week with lots of work accomplished.  Now to rest & play...

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