Thursday, June 19, 2008

weeding the watermelons

Thursday afternoon & it's time to peel back the Reemay protecting our cucurbit crops (melons, squash, cukes) from insect damage.  It's time to tackle the weeds.
And there sure are a lot of them.  But look at those watermelon vines starting to crawl!
Farmer Dave hooked up some "sweeps" (shovel-type blades positioned under the tractor) on the Cub & he zoomed through the rows, wiping out about 80 percent of the weeds.
The other 20 percent, the most threatening ones growing right next to the plants, need to be scratched out by hand.  Oh, the daily crawl.   The moisture was pretty perfect though, after last night's rain, and it's satisfying work.
For instance, before:
And after:
(Those were watermelon plants)

I also used the basket-weeder on the other Cub tractor to cultivate a few rows of carrots, beans, herbs, lettuce, & leeks.

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