Monday, June 16, 2008

rain: its blessings and its curses

Monday mornings are always a good time to take a walk around the farm & take an inventory of all the work we've got to do.  Our list was huge--- planting, weeding, tilling, harvesting...  what to do first?

Our winter squash seedlings are starting to pop up out of the ground!  (You can't see them too well yet in this picture, but if you looked close...)

And our zucchini & summer squash are ready to harvest!  Actually, they were ready on Saturday, so I went out Saturday afternoon & picked a big box of them.  Dave says we have to harvest them every 2 days or else they get too huge!  What a productive plant.  I have to work on my zucchini recipes.
And he said our garlic is a few weeks away from harvest!  How exciting.  The leaves were starting to turn yellow at the top, and I was worried they maybe weren't getting enough water or something, but he says it's natural for them to do that, it means the bulb is maturing & the yellow leaves tell you it's almost ready to pick!  Yum.

Over the weekend I had some extra energy (well, really the soil moisture was perfect & there were tiny weeds surfacing everywhere) so I cultivated the 3 Sisters garden.  
I used the small cultivating rake, and then the 4-prong cultivator (looks like this: ) I scratched all those weeds out, and in the process, raked the clumps of grass into little hills in between the corn.  Then, I made a little depressions in the middle of the mounds & planted squash seeds, the second sister!  There are pumpkins, butternuts, acorn squash, gourds, and even melons & sweet potatoes in there.  
Also I had time to blanch & freeze some greens-- spinach (since soon it will be gone from the fields!), and some wild greens (lambsquarters & pigweed).  Now I can have my spring greens during the heat of summer, or the cold of winter!

Monday night there was a wicked storm.  Nick and I had to hide out in the basement of the pumphouse for a little while.  We climbed out after about 20 minutes, relieved to find the farm untouched by the tornado that was sighted nearby.  That was kind of scary.  There is now a small lake in front of the barn, and everything looks drenched.  We got an inch and a half of rain in about an hour.  

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