Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Today was a day of sharing.  We have these plentiful fields overflowing with great healthy food, and it's ours for the taking-- and giving.  So we started out at 5am when the sun was just starting to peek above the trees, on our knees harvesting spinach, arugula, tat soi, & turnips.  Yesterday Nick & Dave had already picked kale, chard, & beautiful heads of lettuce & put them in the cooler.  We rushed to beat the warmth of the day, throwing heaps of spinach into the wash bin & spraying the dirt off the turnips.  

Then 2 volunteers showed up & helped us pack the shares going to the city!  (They brought yummy snacks too so we took a little break)  Packing shares means weighing out 69 bags of spinach, making sure each is the right amount (just under a pound), weighing out 1/2lb bags of tat soi & arugula, and putting a bunch of chard, turnips, 4 loose radishes, and a head each of red & green lettuce, in each separate blue bin.
Then after lunch, we loaded up all the boxes into the van & I drove them down to the Bronx, where volunteers were waiting to distribute them to folks who come to pick their veggies up!  The whole trip took about 4 hours.  After the stress of driving in city traffic, I sure am glad to come back to the country, where the pace of things is a little slower & parking is plentiful.
Coming back to the farm, I caught the last hour of on-farm distribution, and got to meet a few local members who pick up on Tuesday evenings.  John (farm kid extraordinaire) enjoys stuffing his face with spinach.  I don't blame him, it's pretty good stuff.

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