Monday, June 30, 2008

perfect soil moisture for...

weeding!    I woke up last night to thunder and lightning, it rained 3/10 of an inch.  Just enough to not have to irrigate anything.... what a relief.

It is really quite enjoyable to cultivate out those pesky weeds around our luscious growing veggies when the soil moisture is perfect.  And as it was a sunny, windy day, the soil was drying out & the little weeds were dying quickly, never again to root.  Ha ha ha!  Grow little leeks, grow cilantro, grow tiny carrots!

Besides all the practical reasons, perfect soil moisture just feels good in your hands.  Like crumbly chewy brownie texture, without the sugary stickiness.  A whole field of it.   Something akin to velvet, but better. 

We also harvested some of the day... kohlrabi & scallions & carrots in the morning.  Washing them in a bin of cold water out in the field as the day heats up and the humidity hangs in the air.  I love my job.  The colors, the smells, the sounds of the crows and the crickets.  

And the fireflies that dance every night in the tall grass.

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