Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a visit to cherry valley

I drove out to Cherry Valley last weekend (near Cooperstown) to visit my pals Angelica & Felix.  We visited a local farm, Nectar Hills, for some beautiful scenery & to see the animals.  

Felix ran directly for the large machinery... a farmer at 2 1/2!  He looks quite comfortable plowing actually.
They have a few work horses (bought from some local Amish folks) which are trained to drive, but unfortunately the farmers aren't yet.  
This is Sonya, head farmerwoman!  And her dog, who watches over the chickens to protect them from predators.
They also have sheep & longhorn cattle, and pigs, ducks, peacocks, quail, goats, and cats!@
Oh and baby rabbits.  Felix grabbed a rusty wrench and went directly for the broken machinery.

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