Sunday, June 1, 2008

a sunny sunday

The beans are up!  The ones I planted with Lizzy 2 weeks ago... and they loved that rain yesterday.  This one is a Scarlet Runner Bean:
These ones too:
And the Purple Long Beans are up strong, too.  
And, more than any of the others, the Cherokee Trail of Tears Black Beans are looking great! You can imagine why they were saved for so many generations, seeing their vigor.  They also should be pretty drought tolerant, and I'm looking forward to trying them out in the 3 Sisters Garden in a few weeks too.
The peas are all in flower!  That means not too long before we have some succulent snap peas in our CSA shares!
And I strolled along the rows of tiny tomato plants, and found this freak tomato, almost 2" diameter!  Don't get excited though... no sign of flowers on the rest of the plants.  Just a preview of summer...
The strong winds from the storm had blown off half of the cover from the eggplants.  This is not for frost protection anymore, but to keep the flea beetles off (they leave ugly holes in the leaves & can really damage the plants).  Dragging it back out & setting the sandbags on top of it, I noticed something alarming.
Looks like some flea beetles took this morning as an opportunity to munch already.  Can you see them in this picture?  All those little white holes are where they're feeding.   Hm.

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